Shout it Loud for Toast to the Old Stones


Who is toasting A Toast to the Old Stones? Everyone!

‘Superb, feel good, laugh out loud… just wonderful’ –  Waterstones Horsham
‘Funny, beautiful, and capturing the spirit of the seafaring community of Kinloch, it is most definitely recommended’  – JenMedBookReviews
‘A whisky-Galore-style caper’ – Sunday Post, UK Supplement
‘Denzil Meyrick sure knows how to conjure details of character and place that keep readers invested in knowing what happens next, and those skills are very much on display in this atmospheric tale, alongside the author’s trademark humour’ –
‘What I love about these novellas is that they are so rich in imagery and steeped in the history of the town, and of the region, in terms of the shared heritage with the vikings of yore… There are moments of tranquility, a kind of otherworldliness, that pepper the story, but these are bolstered by the humour and banter that occurs between the fishermen and keeps the tale fresh. Add into the story a kind of cat and mouse game between Hoynes and the Revenue Collector who is hot on his heels and you have a story which is guaranteed to entertain… most definitley recommended’ – Amazon 5 Star review
‘ “A Toast to the Old Stones” is an excellently written story by a talented author who can turn his hand to many genres. [I] highly recommend them for an entertaining, lighthearted and fun read’ – Amazon 5 Star review
Thank you one and all!