We’ve been doing some housekeeping and gathered together the outstanding reviews right across the D.C.I. Daley series. Take a look at these!

From most recent right back to the very first book:


Death of Remembrance

‘Star Pick – If you have never read one of Meyrick’s mysteries now is the time’ ­– The Times Crime Club

‘Meyrick’s storytelling skills are second to none, weaving together a narrative that spans time and location without dropping an inch of suspense along the way… The Death of Remembrance is a compelling novel from one of Scotland’s favourite writers – expect high drama…and high praise’ – LoveReading.co.uk

‘Meyrick’s ability to keep the pages turning almost of their own accord marks the Death of Remembrance as TOP–DRAWER CRIME FICTION’ – The Herald

‘The Death of Remembrance is a properly frightening tale in parts but there’s plenty of humour too, and it’s also a fascinating study of how both policing and crime have changed’ ­ – The Scotsman

‘A taut tale full of death, intensity and some startling revelations. It is a novel that fixes your attention from the beginning and keeps you fastened to the page right until the gripping, breathtaking end. I can only hope there is another decade of Daley and Scott to follow’ – Live and Deadly

‘LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS! I have to say I am completely addicted to this series (and anything else Denzil Meyrick writes), no sooner do I finish one, I count the days for the next, and I am never disappointed. I urge you to give them a go’ – FIVE STARS’ Waterstones Horsham Bookseller

‘Another triumphant novel in the DCI Jim Daley series, enthralling, spellbinding, gripping, hilarious, tense, witty, sharp and the epitome of Tartan Noir… Another superb 5 star read’ ­ – Good Reads

‘An epic, gritty, realistic book… one of THE best crime fiction writers of all time’–  Jude Fire 33, The Book Blog

‘As one of Scotland’s biggest-selling crime writers, Denzil Meyrick, from Campbeltown, knows his way around a good story’ – The Courier

‘A thoroughly compelling read that, to use an overworked phrase, keeps you turning the page right to the end. This is a book that deserves to be read by all lovers of Scottish crime fiction – or, indeed, of any crime fiction’ – Undiscovered Scotland

‘Each thread of the story develops with plot twists, culminating, as with the best detective stories, in an unexpected ending’ – Scottish Book of the Week, Dundee Courier


For Any Other Truth

‘This latest DCI Daley thriller is deftly plotted and peopled with sympathetically drawn local characters and satisfyingly nuanced local wrongdoers’ ­ – Irish Independent

‘Gritty, gripping story, fabulous characters, full of humour and if that was not enough the sense of place is just superb. Every time I finish one I think “When is the next one coming?” ’ – The Bookseller

‘A complex but compelling plot keeps the reader firmly on their toes as they turn each page; it becomes almost impossible to put it down. This one wrung all the emotions from me, it had my jaw clattering off the floor a fair few times and a wee hankie dabbing at the eyes at others. Do yourself a favour and go buy this now!’ – Chapter of My Life

‘I am in awe of any writer who can make you hold your breath on the one hand and laugh out loud on the other. Such is For Any Other Truth’ ­– Waterstones bookseller, Horsham

‘A novel which you are likely to read with deepening pleasure’ – The Scotsman

‘A twisty, intricate, and action-packed crime novel… demands that you keep on your toes as it splinters thoughts and catches emotions unawares … With a fabulous cast and intricate plot, this crime novel packs a punch on the emotional front too’ – LoveReading.co.uk, eBook of the Month

‘Dramatic … satisfying … Definitely a book to take on holiday and read by the beach or pool, or wherever we end up this year!’ – Press & Journal, Scottish Book of the Week

‘’Meyrick has really hit his stride with this one, with the development of DCI Daley and his rather complex sidekick DI Scott particularly well done. Well-considered smatterings of dark humour break the tension, there is a satisfying pace and beautiful Scottish backdrops are an added bonus’ – Scottish Field

‘It’s a complex story… Meyrick is skilled enough to pull it together’ – The Herald

‘Denzil Meyrick writes fine crime novels and they get better with every outing. One of the few crime thrillers where the dialogue makes [you] laugh out loud. Meyrick brings real life and depth to his fictional community. Compelling’ – Journal of the Law Society of Scotland


Jeremiah’s Bell

‘Absorbing … no run-of-the-mill tartan noir’ – The Times

‘Spellbinding … one of the UK’s most loved crime writers’ – Sunday Post

‘A compelling lead … satisfyingly twisted plot’ – Publisher’s Weekly

‘Dark, gutsy, and smirky Tartan Noir… wonderful storytelling, Jeremiah’s Bell continues the series in fine style’ –  LoveReading.co.uk, Book of the Month

‘A character-driven yarn with plenty of intrigue, but also humour and warmth amidst the murky goings-on. Meyrick proves once again that rural policing can be every bit as captivating, and gritty, as its urban equivalent’ – The Herald

‘Dripping with mystery, full of moments that will have the nerves jangling, and, if you are anything like me, your face screwing up in the odd wince or too as well… Another absolute winner that really kept me glued to the book whilst completely making my skin crawl. Loved it.’ – JenMedBookreviews.com

‘The prologue caught my interest immediately, and the historical scenes – beautifully realised from the weather through to the visceral horrors that unfold – really set me up for the rest of the book. And when the links between past and present are revealed… well, I shall say no more other than you will be horrified and fascinated in equal measure’ – Crimebookgirl.com

‘This new novel is a rich broth…Meyrick has a brisk narrative style, rapid but not too rapid, for he takes time to anchor the improbabilities of his narrative in everyday normality. There is comedy too… Add to this some good atmospheric writing and moments of chilling horror, and you have a fine example of tartan noir, superior to most of the genre’ – Allan Massie, The Scotsman

‘A unique, atmospheric and all-consuming thriller … DS Scott is “pure dead brilliant”, at times laugh out loud. Meyrick brings his usual skilful storytelling and gives us another engrossing page-turner’ – Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

‘As an ex-detective, ex-procurator fiscal depute and now an advocate, I was reluctant to buy another Scottish crime series. I was tired of the plastic and sanitised fictional detectives portrayed in crime novels set in Scotland, where clearly the author had no idea of the workings of the Scottish police or legal system. I should have had no such fears with regards to Mr Meyrick’s DCI Daley novels. I have now read all the books in the series and love the characters. I feel I have even worked with some of them. I am always sad when I come to the end of his books. It’s like being separated from friends. I am looking forward to meeting up with them again in his next novel Jeremiah’s Bell’ — Joe Cahill, Advocate


A Breath on Dying Embers

‘A great read…characterisation is extremely well delivered, the loud-mouthed, somewhat comedic Scott, and the likeable, dependable Daley, local colour is added by a cast of interesting residents, whose far from simple lives seem at odd with the picture postcard place they inhabit’ – Undiscovered Scotland

‘Meyrick has a light touch other crime writers don’t have. Highly readable and enjoyable’ ­– Scotland on Sunday

‘Exemplary – humour and a high stakes threat’ – The Herald

‘There’s darkness, and there’s an awful lot of gut-roaring laughter and light too, making for an exceptional read. There are themes that will strike a chord with everyone who reads it. Meyrick’s gift is to write visceral prose in a way that hits home and feels all too real and to combine it with superb, layered, plotting’ ­– Live and Deadly

‘This is visceral reading – you feel it before you think it’ – Sunday Post

‘Jim Daley and Brian Scott are like a fine cask whisky. They improve each and every year. What a fabulous read, compelling to the very end.  For me the best in the series so far. I found some laugh out loud moments and others reaching for the tissues. The ending was unexpected and I did not see it coming. Time to pre-order now’ – David Gilchrist, Founder of UK Crime Club

‘An enthralling read from the provocative prologue through to the whammy of a final chapter… a rewarding, satisfying read and fabulous addition to the series’ – Liz Robinson, Lovereading.co.uk


Relentless Tide

One of the Books of 2018 – The Scotsman

‘Another triumph for Meyrick’s DCI Daley series. Energetic, wry, and full of jolts’ – Waterstones bookseller

‘Daley is a character complete with depths, currents and sudden changes of the Atlantic Ocean that crashes against Kinloch’s harbour walls’ – Scotland on Sunday

‘Engaging from beginning to end. Moments of humour are enhanced by the evocative Scots dialect which peppers the dialogue, adding an element of charm to an otherwise dark storyline’ – Scottish Field

‘What distinguishes Meyrick from other tartan noir authors is his humour and the depth of his interest in local issues . . . though he delivers fine plotting and gore in abundance, he really comes into his own describing the back stories of the Kinloch locals’ – Christina Hardyment, The Times

‘A very neatly constructed plot with a twist at the end which I didn’t see coming’ FOUR STARS – The Bookbag.co.uk

‘I liked the mystery, the tension, this sense of history and the strong vein of humour. Another brilliant tale excellently told’ – JenMedsbookreviews.com


Well of the Winds

‘Past meets present in Well of the Winds. Two investigations involving thoughtful intuitive coppers are presented in parallel as the tale unfolds across the decades . . . Fictional Kinloch creates a different atmosphere to conventional “tartan noir” thrillers. This is a crime setting far from smoky pubs and the bookies’ shops of the average city. Little fishing boats are more important in this tale than black marias’ – The Times

‘’I found raised eyebrows, wry smiles, and chuckles followed Meyrick’s trademark humour which attaches itself brilliantly to Scott . . . if you’ve not yet met Daley and Scott, do sink into the pages and introduce yourself’ – Liz Robinson, LoveReading

‘Haunting, memorable and truly thought provoking, this is one of my favourite books in the series so far’ – JenMedsbookreviews.com

‘Meyrick’s portrayal of island – and rural Scottish – life is well drawn and will prove attractive to those keen to see their own home environment, albeit a fictional version, brought to life on the page’ – The Scotsman

‘Daley’s tenacious nose for a story uncovers a tale of world-historical significance, – Oban Times

‘The whole work is fast moving and suspenseful… a very good read’ – Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

‘There’s a stunning twist towards the end and suddenly all was made clear’ ­– Bookbag.co.uk


Rat Stone Serenade

‘A macabre jigsaw which ends with a thrilling denouement’ – Women Together magazine

‘A galloping good crime thriller, with plenty of action, set in the beautifully described surroundings of the west coast of Scotland…The fast moving chapters keep you on your toes, the trademark dark humour balances the macabre and uncanny’ – Lovereading.co.uk – eBook of the Month

‘This is a well-crafted and engrossing story. Meyrick is well in to his rhythm and we look forward to future adventures’ – Journal of the Law Society of Scotland

‘A first class, fast-moving thriller, brilliantly atmospheric, all in a setting in which the cold of the winter is not the only chill!’ – crimereview.co.uk


Dark Suits and Sad Songs

‘Touches of dark humour, multi-layered and compelling’ – Daily Record

‘The right amount of authenticity … gritty writing … most memorable’ – The Herald

‘Has the ability to give even the least important person in the plot character and the skill to tell a good tale’ – Scots Magazine

‘If you thought Denzil Meyrick’s previous book, The Last Witness was thrilling, this one is truly mesmerising… completely captivating… DCI Daley is shaping up to be the West Coast’s answer to Edinburgh’s Rebus’ – Scottish Home & Country

‘Simultaneously dark and funny’ – Scottish Field


The Last Witness

‘Universal truths … An unbuttoned sense of humour … Engaging and eventful’ ­ – The Wall Street Journal

‘A cracking, tenacious thriller of a read… this is a compelling and impressive novel’ – LoveReading (A Maxim Jakubowski selected title)

‘Another absolute belter of a story from a series I would (and do) heartily recommend. Go give it a whirl’ JenMedBookreviews.com

The Last Witness has an excellent trait that is essential to all crime stories: that is wonderful, affable and realistic protagonists’ – Dundee University Review of the Arts

‘The right amount of authenticity … gritty writing … most memorable’ – The Herald

‘Sure-footed … A must read!’ – The Book Reporter

‘Striking characters and shifting plots vibrate with energy’ – The Library Journal

‘Detective Chief Inspector James Daley adds his name to the memorable protagonists of Scottish crime fiction’ Curledup.com,


Whisky in Small Glasses

‘Gritty, witty, and full of action and intrigue, it’s a brilliant start to the Daley and Scott series and got me well and truly hooked’ – JenMed Book Reviews.com

WHISKEY FROM SMALL GLASSES comes with a unique setting and some dark humour into the bargain. There’s also more than enough intrigue, marital issues, and police politics to keep a reader amused’ – AustCrimefiction.org

Whisky From Small Glasses is a great read with a refreshingly different storyline and I greatly look forward to reading the next book’ – read and rated.com

‘The story is very compelling, with excellent character and story development, and it turns into a real page-turner at about the 2/3 point. I’m looking forward to many more books about DCI Daley and the town of Kinloch’ FIVE STARS Good Reads.com

‘This is a great gritty crime novel and deserves to be up there with the best’ – Jane Brown, Lovereading

‘This had me gripped from the start – a great crime novel. . . It’s full of twists and turns – you think you know where the plot is heading – but you probably don’t’ – Alison Bisping, Lovereading

‘Great first novel . . . a really good thriller with lots of twists and turns. The author builds the main characters slowly and lets you really get to know them’ – Maz Tucker, Lovereading

A great read which I would recommend to lovers of crime fiction, as well as those who, like me, are newer to the genre’ – Sarah l King.com

FOUR STARS – Newbooks Summer Reading Special

‘Everything I like in a book – gripping, unpredictable, with the right dash of humour. Re-reading after finishing the series a wee while ago and I just cant get enough!’ – FIVE STARS Amazon.co.uk

‘It’s my first by Denzil Meyrick, but I’ll be following up with all the books in this series. DCI Daley is a genius character. He’s such a plausible cop; just beginning to go to seed, overweight and with no dress sense, he also has anger management issues. His sidekick, Scott, is a real Glasweigian. A bit rough and ready with hints of domestic difficulty, he tells it like it is. Then there are senior colleagues; those who started out at the same time as Daley, but have played the right games to grease their way to the top… I’m delighted to have discovered this author and this is a brilliant start to what I’m sure I’ll be an outstanding series’– FIVE STARS Amazon.co.uk

‘I enjoyed this novel so much that I immediately trawled through this author’s other novels in this series’ – FIVE STARS AMAZON


One Last Dram Before Midnight 

One Last Dram Before Midnight contains Meyrick’s trademark dark police humour and plenty of gritty cases, a few ghostly whispers also caress the pages, ensuring a gathering of gutsy, compelling tales’– Lovereading eBook of the Month

‘What distinguishes Meyrick from other tartan noir authors is his humour and the depth of his interest in local issues… Although he delivers fine plotting and gore in abundance, he really comes into his own describing the back stories of the Kinloch locals and his lead characters’ – The Times, Audiobook of the week

‘This man has terrific writing skills and reading his books have been a great pleasure. His characters are witty gritty and he writes in a way that I feel I am actually back in Campelltown’ – Five Stars, Waterstones purchaser

‘So many brilliant characters scattered throughout these tales . . . you get to learn about how different things were not only in the police force but also how people’s perceptions have changed over the years’ – Breakaway Reviewers

‘Witty and informative. The characters throughout the book felt like they were real people and I found it difficult to put down’  – Five Stars, Waterstones purchaser

‘A brilliant collection of short stories linked to the DCI Daley series… With half a dozen stories to choose from they make the perfect lunch break filler and are guaranteed to have you smiling, as well as keeping you on tenterhooks’ – JenMedsbookreviews


From fellow authors:

‘You’ll have a blast with these’ – Ian Rankin

‘What a cracking series! As a crime writer, the highest compliment I can give is to say I’ve yet to work out an ending …’ — Lin Anderson

‘Plotting that mystifies, captivating characters and spectacular locations: the essentials, and A Breath on Dying Embers overflows with all three. The Gold Dagger awaits’ – Quentin Jardine

‘Crime, humour, intrigue and atmosphere, and that was just the first page!’ — Gordon Brown

‘Slipping back into Meyrick’s world is a criminal joy … HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!’ — Michael J Malone

‘A corker! More twists and turns than a Kintyre road’ — Douglas Skelton