Media Excitement with the DCI Daley TV announcement. What a buzz! TV Insider CinemaBlend Bookseller Bookbrunch Scottish Sun, feature by Matt Bendoris ‘The DCI Daley books have the right ingredients to become hit TV: stunning scenery, gripping stories, compelling characters’ BBC Radio Scotland, DriveTime with Fiona Stalker, ‘It must be a dream come true; […]


Who is toasting A Toast to the Old Stones? Everyone! ‘Superb, feel good, laugh out loud… just wonderful’ –  Waterstones Horsham ‘Funny, beautiful, and capturing the spirit of the seafaring community of Kinloch, it is most definitely recommended’  – JenMedBookReviews ‘A whisky-Galore-style caper’ – Sunday Post, UK Supplement ‘Denzil Meyrick sure knows how to conjure […]


GAME OF THRONES and BAFTA Scotland award winning actor RORY McCANN is set to star as DCI Jim Daley in 8 X 60 mins drama adapted from the bestselling novels of Denzil Meyrick. Rights to the books have been secured to adapt and produce the series by Ocean Independent, the production arm of talent agency […]


I hope you enjoy this lovely intro to A Toast to the Old Stones with the voice of our audio reader, David Monteath and beautiful photography of the area from photographer, Sarah Morton. Watch the video here.  


Straight out of the gates and a steady climber on the Amazon charts already! Don’t miss A Toast to the Old Stones, the latest wintry Tale from Kinlock, available right now in gift hardback, eBook and audio.  ‘Denzil Meyrick sure knows how to conjure details of character and place that keep readers invested in knowing […]


A Toast to the Old Stones This brilliantly atmospheric Kinloch tale is just the treat for Christmas (for yourself or the perfect gift for others). Set in the run up to the date of Old New Year, 12 January, in 1968 and the folks of the fishing community are planning their annual pilgrimage to the […]


We’ve rounded up the reviews for Terms of Restitution (so far!).  What a great response. Thank you all! ‘A rollicking rollercoaster of violence, misplaced loyalties and some very unexpected interventions that combine to produce one of the most satisfying gangland thrillers of the year’ – Irish Independent ‘Meyrick’s breaking the mould with the latest offering […]


‘A rollicking rollercoaster of violence, misplaced loyalties and some very unexpected interventions that combine to produce ONE OF THE MOST SATISYING GANGLAND THRILLERS OF THE YEAR’ The Irish Independent Miles McWeeney gets it spot on when he celebrates a book that ‘brings an edge to Autumn evenings’, Terms of Restitution, and finds… ‘Deft characterisation, taut […]


A double-page feature appears in the Sunday Mail this morning celebrating Paisley as the ‘perfect place’ for ‘veteran Soprano-like crime boss Zander Finn’ in Terms of Restitution. Great heading and a delight that they focus on the book at the same moment as the new Sopranos movie hits cinemas. (The Sopranos are a long time […]


The Herald have published an interview with me revealing one of my favourite places in this world. It is… Southend on the Kintyre Peninsula here in Scotland. ‘Every Sunday, like many children of my vintage, we used to be taken for a run in the family car. Southend was always our destination. Rain, hail or […]